disaster relief in Taiwan

Hualien Disaster Relief Demands Long-Term Solutions, Rather Simply Urging For Renewed Tourism

Comments by Premier William Lai urging renewed tourism to Hualien, which was struck by 6.4-magnitude earthquake that killed 16 and injured hundreds on February 6th, illustrate the Tsai administration’s lack of creative solutions to address long-standing issues facing areas of Taiwan frequently struck by earthquakes. This would be a failure to think in the long-term by the Tsai administration... Read More

Hualien Earthquake Tragic, Raises Questions Regarding Disaster Preparedness For Taiwan

Tragedy has broken out in Hualien following an earthquake at 11:50 PM yesterday that registered 6.4 on the Richter scale. At least five are dead, 254 are injured, and 88 missing following the quake. The Hualien earthquake also raises the possibility of a future uptick in seismic activity in Taiwan, raising the need to address longstanding issues concerning building safety codes and disaster preparedness in Taiwan, as well as touching on the debate regarding nuclear energy and its suitability to Taiwan... Read More