Chinese Military Increases Activity Around Taiwan During COVID-19 Pandemic

In the past three months, one has observed an increase in Chinese and American military activity in the area around Taiwan. Namely, one has observed a sharp uptick in Chinese military activity around Taiwan in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and American military activity has primarily been in response to Chinese military activity... Read More

Radio New Bloom #7: Ties Between Palau and Taiwan in the Time of the Coronavirus

For this special installment of Radio New Bloom, hosted by New Bloom editor Garrett Dee, we spoke with Palau-based journalist Bernadette Carreon about responses to COVID-19 in Palau, and aid from Taiwan to Palau regarding efforts to fight COVID-19, particularly regarding attempts by the Taiwanese government to export its model of dealing with public health issues to other countries... Read More

WHO Director-General Accuses Taiwan of Campaign Against Him Involving “Racism” Against Africans

WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stoked controversy earlier today with comments accusing the Taiwanese government of launching an organized campaign against him in the course of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. According to Tedros, Taiwan was politicizing the coronavirus pandemic to attack the WHO when the world needs to unite in combating the disease. What has raised eyebrows in particular, however, was Tedros accusing the Taiwanese government of “racism” against Africans in this purported campaign against him... Read More