Chou Tzu-yu

Incidents Highlight Chinese Pressure on Taiwan in Entertainment Industry and in International Organizations

Two recent incidents highlight Taiwan’s marginalization from the international community as a result of Chinese pressure. The first incident took place after Axios reported last week that the World Bank had attempted to compel Taiwanese staff members to obtain Chinese passports, as a condition of maintaining their employment. In the second incident, Taiwanese streaming personality Potter King found himself blocked from his Weibo account earlier this week after making a video in which he appeared with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen and referred to her as “President”... Read More

Anger After Actress Claims To Be Chinese In Public Apology

Anger has broken out against Taiwanese actress Vivian Sung after she apologized on her Weibo account for previous comments during an interview several years ago in which she stated that Taiwan was her favorite country, later unearthed by Chinese netizens. Such comments were outraging to Chinese netizens, seeing as they implied that Sung viewed Taiwan as a country. It remains to be seen whether Sung’s later apology will placate angry Chinese netizens, but in the meantime, this apology has angered Taiwanese netizens... Read More