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Concerns That 2020 Olympics Name Referendum Could Lead To Taiwan Olympics Ban On The Rise

The most popular of the slate of referendums which are to be voted on this Saturday, the referendum on what name Taiwan will participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under, has come under increased scrutiny in the past week. Namely, the International Olympics Committee has warned that Taiwan could be banned from participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics if the referendum is successful... Read More

Is The Tsai Administration Planning To Push For Use Of The Name “Taiwan” Internationally?

Renewed contestation has erupted regarding Taiwan’s name, with China lodging protest over the renaming of Taiwan’s de facto embassy organization in Japan from the “Interchange Association (Japan)” to the “Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association”. Is this a sign that the Tsai administration plans on pushing for greater use of the name "Taiwan" internationally in the near future?... Read More


2016大選的戲劇性結果,或真讓台灣社會誤以為「國民黨倒了」、「台灣已是獨立的民主國家了」,若從國際上對「台灣」是否為獨立國家的態度進行檢視,結果肯定又是冷水一頭。台灣的多數住民都樂於支持「我們」能進一步成為主權獨立的國家───問題是「我們」是誰?Republic of China?Chinese Taipei?「我們」的本名不是Taiwan嗎?... Read More