Chinese Nationalist Party

Unexpected Reversals in the Pan-Blue Camp Over the Past Year Indicate Party’s Tenuous Future

The KMT appeared to have experienced a reversal of political fortunes in 2018 elections, in which against expectations, the KMT proved resurgent. Some half a year later, the KMT’s fortunes seem to have reversed. Backlash against the KMT ensued after it released its party list, which was stacked with pro-China candidates. Han is increasingly unpopularity as candidate, having incensed the public with numerous gaffes and having gained a reputation for mismanagement as mayor of Kaohsiung... Read More

Death of Military Chief Will Likely Be Used to Attack Tsai by the Han Campaign, Chinese Disinformation Efforts

The unexpected death of Shen Yi-ming, Taiwan’s military chief of staff, in a helicopter crash earlier today is likely to provide fodder for electioneering in the coming days. While both the Tsai and Han campaigns have announced a three-day break from campaign activities in the wake of Shen’s death, it is probable that the incident will eventually be used by the Han campaign as a means of attacking the Tsai administration. It is also highly likely that the incident will become the object of Chinese disinformation efforts... Read More

Third and Final Presidential Policy Presentation Takes Place

The third and final televised presidential policy presentation took place yesterday, consisting of three rounds of exchanges between presidential candidates Tsai Ing-wen of the DPP, Han Kuo-yu of the KMT, and James Soong of the PFP. Overall, the last policy presentation was probably the least substantive, with only Tsai referring to concrete policy and Soong and Han focusing primarily on attacking Tsai... Read More

Is Controversy Regarding the Anti-Infiltration Bill a Fake Political Issue?

Controversy regarding a new anti-infiltration bill that the Tsai administration intends to pass before the end of the year largely proves a false issue. Namely, while Tsai seems in a rush to pass the bill before the year’s end and the KMT claims that the DPP is infringing on political freedoms and shrugging off legal oversight measures to pass the bill so quickly, it is actually quite unlikely the bill will do much to stop Chinese efforts to influence Taiwanese elections... Read More

Misogyny, Racism, and Homophobia Abound in 2020 Elections

In examining many of the prominent male politicians playing important roles in 2020 elections, a striking commonality is their frequent overt displays of misogyny, racism, and homophobia. This is true of individuals including but not limited to Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu, the KMT’s presidential candidate, his running mate Simon Chang, KMT chair Wu Den-yih, and Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je, who is not running but whose Taiwan People’s Party will be fielding a number of legislative candidates in 2020 elections... Read More