Chinese Nationalist Party

The Authoritarian We Could Not Pull Down: A Strange Tale of Pro-Independence Youth

In January 2017, the Free Taiwan Party posted a Facebook status: “Pro-Independence takes a stand! Come pull down the Chiang Kai Shek statue on February 28th at the Freedom Plaza!” As a young supporter of Free Taiwan Party and a supporter of the action of pulling down authoritarian statues, I documented and witnessed the actions on site during this time... Read More

New Contenders Enter Race For KMT Party Chair

The upcoming race for KMT party chair seems set to be a hotly contested one, with party heavyweights Hau Lung-Bin and Wu Den-Yih seeking to pry the position of KMT party chair away from Hung Hsiu-Chu. But new contenders have entered the race. Further questions are up in the air about ties between candidates for KMT party chair and Terry Gou, a possible future presidential candidate of the KMT ... Read More