China’s Taiwan policy

Reports Of Taiwan Affairs Office Merger Denied By China, But Raise Questions About Taiwan Policy

Reports of a planned merger of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office with its Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Offices to form the “Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council” were later denied by China. But, either way, this does gesture towards recent acts by China which make it appear as though China seeks to streamline and make uniform its policies towards Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau... Read More

Does China Realize Its Taiwan Strategy Has Failed?

With rumors of an impending shuffle in China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, including the replacement of Zhang Zhijun as its head, this may signal a shift in China’s attempts to lure Taiwan back into its fold. But while it is anyone’s guess as to what China’s next steps will be, it may be, in fact, hasty to assume that this means that China has realized that its Taiwan strategy has failed and so wishes to change tack... Read More