Chang An-Lo

DMG Entertainment Cooperating With The White Wolf To Acquire Eastern Broadcasting?

The saga of DMG Entertainment seeking to acquire Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Company would seem to have become more complicated in recent days with reports that DMG is seeking former gangster turned pro-unification politician “White Wolf” Chang An-Lo, who committed political assassinations for the KMT in the past, to act as its representative in Taiwan... Read More

For Truly Democratic Education, Taiwanese Must Overthrow Capitalism!

Taiwanese conservatives, “Left” unificationists, and ultra-left sectarians, all happen to understand the non-stop stream of student movement as the DPP’s manipulation of nationalism, or its buying of the agitation of young students of Taiwan. This kind of short-sighted and limited analysis, only reflects the lack of understanding of how society changes, but also lacks a recognition of the political and economic reasons for the growing anti-government demonstrations.... Read More