Annette Lu

Annette Lu Illustrates How Yesterday’s Revolutionaries are Today’s Reactionaries in Contemporary Taiwan

Annette Lu proves the perfect illustration of how many of yesterday’s revolutionaries have become today’s reactionaries in contemporary Taiwan. In fact, that individuals such as Lu or many others of her generation continue to be involved in contemporary Taiwanese politics ultimately threatens the future of Taiwan itself, in significantly increasing the likelihood of splits in the pan-Green camp in a manner that could result in a KMT victory... Read More

Annette Lu Unexpectedly Enters the Presidential Race, While Gou and Ko Withdraw

FoxConn CEO Terry Gou surprised yesterday with an announcement that he would not be running in 2020 presidential elections, with Taipei mayor Ko wen-je stating earlier today in the wake of Gou's announcement that he also would not be running. Today, September 17th, was the deadline for registering with the Central Election Commission as an independent candidate. In the meantime, in the pan-Green camp, the Formosa Alliance has unexpectedly announced plans to run Annette Lu as their presidential candidate... Read More

Internal Divisions In DPP And KMT Could Lead To Easy Victory For Ko In Taipei Mayoral Elections

Sharp divisions seem to be present in both the pan-Green and pan-Blue camp in the lead-up to 2018 Taipei mayoral elections. As a result, it seems increasingly likely that incumbent Ko Wen-Je, a political independent, may win simply on the basis of both the pan-Green and pan-Blue camps being too divided to present any challenge to him... Read More

Gendered Politicians

When it comes to politicians, what is the first image that comes to mind? I would presume it is a man with an assertive attitude, high self-esteem and confidence, and who might occasionally talk aggressively. However, recently more and more women are participating in politics. What if I were to ask you to imagine a female politician? I bet the characteristics associated with this image of a female politician will be similar to the first image of the male politician.... Read More