air pollution in Taiwan

Debate About Two-Stroke Scooters, Plastic Straws Point To Challenges Facing Environmental Legislation

Demonstrations by two-stroke scooters owners as well as recent controversy regarding plastic straws illustrate some of the difficulties facing efforts to introduce environmental legislation in Taiwan. As with elsewhere in the world, efforts at environmental legislation will meet resistance when they infringe upon long-held social habits... Read More

Thousands Demonstrate In Taichung Against Air Pollution

Several thousand demonstrated in Taichung against growing problems of air pollution in Taiwan today. According to varying estimates, between 5,000 to 9,000 were in attendance, but despite the size of the protest, the demonstration was less reported on by media due to taking place outside of Taipei. This is ironic, given that the focus of the demonstration was in many ways on problems of pollution as facing urban areas outside of Taipei, and on redistributing political power in a more even manner across Taiwan... Read More

Public Anger After Severe Smog Hits Northern Taiwan

Anger has broken out in Taiwan over growing industrial pollution from coal-burning power plants, given the severe haze that swept across northern Taiwan on Wednesday. However, it still remains to be seen how to address problems of growing air pollution in Taiwan while still meeting Taiwan's energy needs in an environmentally-friendly manner... Read More