100th Case of COVID-19 Confirmed, Entry of Foreign Travelers Banned in Taiwan

Twenty-three new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus were announced in Taiwan today. This is the largest jump in the number of COVID-19 cases that has occurred to date and brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in Taiwan to 100. As such, the CECC announced the largest expansion of travel restrictions to date earlier today. Foreign nationals will now be blocked from entering Taiwan altogether, unless they are traveling to Taiwan for business or for diplomatic purposes, or if they have an ARC or APRC... Read More

China’s Response to COVID-19 Seen in a Rosy Light as Epidemic Worsens in Western Countries

In observing international coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, one has COVID-19 cases spread widely outside of China, the international media narrative has shifted. What was once hailed as a failed response to the disease outbreak is now sometimes hailed as a successful intervention into preventing the spread of the virus... Read More

New Measures Rolled Out to Combat COVID-19, Tsai Administration Touts Successes Internationally

Efforts to fight the COVID-19 epidemic continue in Taiwan. The Central Epidemic Command Center did not report any new cases yesterday, as a result of which there are 45 confirmed cases in Taiwan currently, but new measures have been rolled out in order to respond to the epidemic. With Taiwan's apparent successes in containing the coronavirus epidemic and rapid increases in production capacity for needed medical supplies, the Tsai administration has notably begun leveraging on this for soft power, as a way to draw distinctions between Taiwan and China... Read More