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Interview: Jennifer Lu (呂欣潔)

In early April, New Bloom’s Brian Hioe interviewed the Social Democratic Party's Jennifer Lu (呂欣潔) by Skype. Although several months have passed since then, we still believe the interview still to be insightful about the Social Democratic Party and its political positions in the present. This was our second interview with Jennifer Lu, we first interviewed her in August of 2014.... Read More

Predictable Emptiness

In her thirty minute long speech in New York City, which was attended by over a thousand, Tsai spoke of her admiration to New York City as a “city where dreams come true,” her willingness to work with the rising Third Party movements in Taiwan, and a growing “new Asian value of democracy” that is championed by Taiwan. But Tsai’s speech still lacked any concrete substance into what makes her a suitable candidate for presidency. ... Read More