Daily Bloom, 7.18.14

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July 18, 2014: Live updates from Dapu, Miaoli

On July 18th, 2014, Daily Bloom covered the one year anniversary of the demolition of the Chang Pharmacy in Dapu, Miaoli.

10489935_530211717105900_3928730237836272774_n5:13 PM in front of the former site of Chang Pharmacy.  At this point, volunteers were still setting up.

10530858_530224280437977_6781327167212663771_nThe start of the concert at 6:04. The crowd outside the former site of the Chang Pharmacy was a little over one hundred at that point in time.

10511440_530230920437313_9184353845953881973_o6:33 PM.

10382354_530235320436873_2157372339514726800_oPerformance at 6:51 PM.

10540825_530242183769520_4168106476091503846_n7:10 PM. Crowd appeared to be a little over 200 then.

10549277_530245920435813_7576446605873487781_o (1)Speech by film director Ko I-Chen at 7:22 PM. Ko is lead organizer of the Five-Six Movement, an anti-nuclear protest held in Taipei at the CKS Memorial weekly. At present, the Five-Six Movement is holding a demonstration regarding the Chang Pharmacy demolition at the CKS Memorial simultaneous with this one, featuring performances by bands including 2HRS.

10557502_530251700435235_2127854830995765113_oScreening of short documentary on the human cost of forced demolitions in Miaoli at 7:48 PM.

10428372_530265690433836_9113709182248154302_o (1)8:33 PM during the screening of an interpretive dance film about housing evictions in Miaoli by Hsiao Tzu-han.

IMG_20140718_205230Cast of the film at 8:52 PM.

10490092_530277377099334_3840328345143060996_oPerformance at 9:03 PM.

10549217_530286530431752_8668527275230138953_o (1)Performance at 9:33 PM.

10441922_530293460431059_5492915134206742363_nThe end of the protest as the crowd gradually begins to disperse around 9:47 PM.

The mural at the former site of the Chang Pharmacy.