October 2016

Death Of French Professor Provokes Outrage Against The Tsai Administration

The death of French-born Jacques Picoux has led to criticisms of the Tsai administration for a failure to fulfill campaign promises suggesting the legalization of marriage equality. Picoux’s death after falling from a ten story building, with no signs of struggle, has been interpreted as a suicide by friends and acquaintances... Read More

A Conversation with Front Cover’s James Chen and Jake Choi

Front Cover is a film by Hong Kong director Ray Yeung which tells the story of a Chinese American stylist Ryan Fu and Beijing film star Ning who over the course of preparing for a major photo shoot develop a mutual attraction, forcing both of the men to confront their own buried feelings on race and sexuality at a personal cost. The following piece is based off of conversations New Bloom's Garrett Dee had with the two lead actors... Read More