November 2018


現年四十三歲的顏伯鈞和六十三歲的劉興聯已滯留桃園國際機場超過五十天,然而,台灣政府仍未對這兩位難民採取任何安置措施。顏伯鈞是中國新公民運動的參與者,劉興聯則是 NGO 團體「中國人權觀察」的創辦人之一,兩位皆因參與社會運動而被中國政府視為異議份子。他們於今年九月二十七日抵達台灣桃園機場之後,便開始了漫長的等待。... Read More

Tens Of Thousands Demonstrate In Support Of Gay Marriage In Taipei

A reported 100,000 people attended a rally on Ketagalan Boulevard in support of LGBTQ rights today, with a nationwide referendum on marriage equality and LGBTQ-friendly education scheduled to take place next Saturday. Featuring musical performances and speeches and closing with a performance by heavy metal band Chthonic, fronted by New Power Party legislator Freddy Lim, that the rally would be so large was a surprise to most... Read More