December 2017

Suspension Of Young Macau Lawmaker A Warning Sign For Hong Kong And Taiwan

The suspension from legislature of 26-year-old Macau lawmaker Sulu Sou, for a demonstration which crossed over into the street rather than remaining only on the sidewalk, would mark the deterioration of democracy in Macau along the lines of what has occurred in Hong Kong. This may be a warning sign for Hong Kong and Taiwan... Read More

Day To Night Demonstration Against Labor Law Changes Concludes With Clashes Against Police

Following a dramatic series of attempts to invade the Legislative Yuan, clashes with police, and a blockade of the intersection of Zhongshan South Road and Qingdao West Road, protest today against planned changes to the Labor Standards Act were not successful in preventing the act from passing. One can expect outrage from Taiwanese activists to lead to further protest... Read More

Demonstrations Take Place Against Planned Labor Law Changes From Morning Into Night

Demonstrations against planned changes to the Labor Standards Act have taken place through the course of the past day outside the Legislative Yuan, beginning at 9 AM and lasting until nightfall. Three attempts to storm the Legislative Yuan have taken place in the course of this. Protests continue into the night, as the review of these planned changes also continues within the Legislative Yuan... Read More

Satirical Buddhist-Themed Protest Against Changes To Labor Laws Held

A theatrical Buddhist-themed demonstration against planned changes to the Labor Standards Act by the Tsai administration was held today outside the Executive Yuan today. The demonstration, which was intended to be humorous in nature, went from 1:30 PM to 4 PM and largely took the form of chanting of satirical Buddhist scriptures regarding changes to labor laws... Read More

Public Anger After Severe Smog Hits Northern Taiwan

Anger has broken out in Taiwan over growing industrial pollution from coal-burning power plants, given the severe haze that swept across northern Taiwan on Wednesday. However, it still remains to be seen how to address problems of growing air pollution in Taiwan while still meeting Taiwan's energy needs in an environmentally-friendly manner... Read More

Uncertainty Regarding Planned Changes To Labor Laws, An Increasingly Fractured DPP

Much uncertainty currently looms regarding planned changes to the Labor Standards Act by the Tsai administration. Namely, the Tsai administration has seen a large amount of public backlash following demonstrations on Thursday last week, and it has unexpectedly become unsure whether the DPP will be able to pass these changes. In the meantime, labor struggles across Taiwan are receiving increased attention and the DPP is looking increasingly fractured internally... Read More