April 2016


一位四歲女童最近遭到殘殺,使得死刑存廢爭議在臺灣再次浮上檯面。看來這樣的道德爭論似乎只在提供羶色腥報導素材的「震驚社會」新聞事件中才會出現。既然大眾媒體玩弄著標題殺人法為粉絲頁帶來的點閱人潮,死刑存廢的虛假爭論終究也只能餵養出一整代漠然而被動的個人。... Read More

Questions of Political Transition of Power in Taiwan During the Ma-Tsai Meeting

Outgoing Taiwanese president Ma Ying-Jeou and incoming president-elect Tsai Ing-Wen met in Taipei on Wednesday in order to discuss the upcoming transition of power between a KMT and DPP presidency. This will be the third presidential transition of power between parties in Taiwanese history, the first being the transfer of power from KMT to DPP with the victory of Chen Shui-Bian as the first non-KMT president in Taiwanese history in 2000, and the second being the transfer of power back to KMT hands with the victory of Ma Ying-Jeou in 2008.... Read More

Chicken Or Egg?

The recent murder case of a four year old girl in Taiwan has brought the capital punishment debate back on stage. It seems that such ethical debates only seem to appear in the case of “shocking” news that provides opportunities for sensationalist journalism. As mass media rides the wave of clickbait streaming into their sites, the phony argumentation only proves to breed generation of nonchalant and passive individuals. We might consider the role of the media in the debate.... Read More