Youth Movements

Looking Back on 323

Bolao is the pseudonym of an American of Taiwanese descent living in Taipei. Through a strange set of circumstances, though an American by birth and upbringing, he was involved in the attempt invade and occupy the Executive Yuan, Taiwan’s executive branch of government. The following is his investigation into and personal account of the Executive Yuan and Legislative Yuan occupation, both of which he was a participant in.... Read More

From Out of KMT Party Education, Towards the Path of Justice

I was once a supporter of the KMT. When I was young I worshipped President Chiang Kai-shek's heroic deeds in the war against Japan, appreciated his opposition to Communism, and was grateful for him founding Taiwan. At that time, I believed the White Terror only harmed those antisocial personalities who didn't listen to the government, and that the government was teaching them how to be good people by arresting them, and that only by going along with the anticommunist policies of the government could one find prosperity... Read More


我曾是一位國民黨死忠支持者,我小時候曾經崇拜 蔣中正總統反共抗日的英勇事蹟、欣賞他為正義反共、感謝他建設臺灣等事蹟。當時我認為白色恐怖受害者都是群不聽政府的反社會人格者,政府是在教育他們好好做人才逮捕他們,唯有跟隨政府反共才能帶來最後的幸福。在學校教育和家庭教育的內外兼修下,塑造出一個「優質青年黨員」,當時我的思想和今日王炳忠一樣,認為中華民國是正統,中國共產黨是群齷齪無恥的反動分子,我對愛國歌曲是如數家珍,不論是《中華民國頌》、《中華之愛》、《鋼鐵的心》、《中國一定強》、《抗敵歌》等我都倒背如流。直到我國二那年「陳為廷立法院備詢事件」轟動杏壇,當時我因為在校園內推動學生權益運動(要求老師不得隨意搜身)也被別人貼上「沒禮貌」的標籤而心有戚戚焉,因此稍微關注一下這個人。透過他我認識很多民主鬥士,我在他臉書上認識了鄭南榕、陳文成、黃信介等人物。我當時很驚訝,對一個受黨國教育的人,我難以相信這是台灣近代民主發展的過程,我以前一直以為我們民主是黃花崗七十二烈士鮮血換來的、是革命先烈奉獻青春建構的、是國父十二次革命創造的,當然他們對今日的貢獻功不可沒,但是近代民主意識能崛起主要是戒嚴時期黨外運動灑下的種子茁壯而成的。... Read More


筆者本次到美國,是受福爾摩沙基金會(Formosa Foundation)之邀,以太陽花運動參與者的身分參加該基金會今年的大使計畫(Ambassador Program 2014)。該營隊為期 12 天,第一週的內容是授課,講者從學者、智庫、到商業協會都有,內容包括台美關係發展史、東亞軍事、世界貿易/協議/組織、中國崛起等,第二週則是計畫的重頭戲,分組至國會各辦公室遊說,為期四天,每組一天約拜訪十個辦公室,整個計畫共計拜訪了將近120個議員辦公室(包括參議院與眾議院)。... Read More

Civil Revolt in Miaoli County?

This past Friday, approximately 200 protestors gathered outside of the former site of Chang Pharmacy in Dapu, Miaoli. One year ago on July 18th, 2013, the family-owned pharmacy was forcibly demolished in order to make way for commercial development. In September, owner Chang Sen-wen (張森文) was found dead under a bridge. The death was ruled a suicide by police, but there are those who remain suspicious, including Chang’s son... Read More