Youth Movements

For Truly Democratic Education, Taiwanese Must Overthrow Capitalism!

Taiwanese conservatives, “Left” unificationists, and ultra-left sectarians, all happen to understand the non-stop stream of student movement as the DPP’s manipulation of nationalism, or its buying of the agitation of young students of Taiwan. This kind of short-sighted and limited analysis, only reflects the lack of understanding of how society changes, but also lacks a recognition of the political and economic reasons for the growing anti-government demonstrations.... Read More


臺灣右翼、左統和極左派,不約而同的認為,接二連三的學生抗爭行動都只是民進黨背後操作民粹、收買或煽動台灣年輕學子。甚至說得好像台灣年輕人很喜歡一天到晚尋釁滋事、擾亂社會。這種短視且片面的分析,不止反應了這些觀點對社會變動的無知,更缺乏了對於源源不絕的抗爭浪潮背後的政治經濟分析。... Read More