Youth Movements

Why Would Taiwanese Universities Sell Out Taiwan’s Academic Freedom To China?

The revelation that at least eighty of Taiwan’s 157 universities have signed agreements with China promising not to discuss unification/independence issues or the issue of “one China, one Taiwan” in class has rocked the nation in the past week. Among these universities are Taiwan’s leading educational institutions... Read More

Reactions to Recent Cat Killings A Mixed Bag

On August 16th, a college student was violently assaulted as he left the courtroom sentencing for torture and murder of an animal. In the chaos that ensued, a police vehicle was overturned, a bailiff suffered burns on his leg from being pressed against an exhaust pipe as the crowd of about fifty swarmed the defendant, and another bailiff had her foot run over by a car. This was in stark contrast to the civilized demonstration held by animal rights activists earlier in the morning.... Read More