Youth Movements


從 2012 年反媒體壟斷運動,經歷過反苗栗大埔徵收抗議…到 318 反服貿運動,陳為廷先生在許多重要社會議題上、為底層社會發聲的社會事件上,每場幾乎無役不與。但即使如此,陳為廷先生也是個爭議性的人物。 2016年立法委員選戰中,318 反服貿社會運動中的社運知名人士陳為廷在邱顯智律師的極力邀請下出任邱顯智律師的競選總幹事。破土 New Bloom 在 2015 年 8 月 30 號,趁著邱顯智律師以及他的競選總幹事陳為廷先生到美東訪問時,在兩位從紐約至紐澤西的路途中,對兩位進行專訪。... Read More

For Truly Democratic Education, Taiwanese Must Overthrow Capitalism!

Taiwanese conservatives, “Left” unificationists, and ultra-left sectarians, all happen to understand the non-stop stream of student movement as the DPP’s manipulation of nationalism, or its buying of the agitation of young students of Taiwan. This kind of short-sighted and limited analysis, only reflects the lack of understanding of how society changes, but also lacks a recognition of the political and economic reasons for the growing anti-government demonstrations.... Read More