After Tsai’s Apology To Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan, What Now?

Many people will say, Tsai Ing-Wen is so great, she even will come meet us face-to-face to apologize. But now, in the present, we have to confront that her apology on Ketagalan Boulevard. No matter whether we view this apology as sympathetic, humble, historical in nature, or simply a staged performance, putting aside these descriptions, this apology, what does this do for indigenous rights in reality?... Read More

法律之上 佔領凱道

佔領的目的是要挑戰現有法律。這次原住民族佔領凱道的行動,便是代表著原住民族與中華民國殖民框架的關係:中華民國政府來台以前,每個部落早已有自身主權的行使,具有類今日國與國的外交關係及內部律法;然而,中華民國這個漢人為主的政權來台灣以後,卻以各式各樣殖民與欺騙的手段,奪取原住民族的土地及其生存的權益。也因此,佔領凱道,代表著原住民族拒絕肯認中華民國這個外來政府的法律及其治權的框架。... Read More