Renewed Political Contestation on Nuclear-Related Issues After Referendum

After the referendum on nuclear energy held concurrently with nine-in-one elections on November 24th, shifts in Taiwan’s treatment of nuclear energy-related issues are likely to take place. The referendum called for the overturning of current provisions in the law which stipulate that Taiwan is to be nuclear-free by 2025... Read More

Televised Debate On Nuclear Power Points To KMT Push Behind Referendum

The third televised debate on nuclear energy took place on November 12th, with Huang Shih-hsiu (黃士修), the initiator of the referendum on whether Taiwan should remove legal provisions for Taiwan to be nuclear-free by 2025, faced off against Hung Shen-han of the Green Citizen Action Alliance. The debate quite directly reveals how the KMT has been a major force in pushing for the referendum... Read More


上週三(6/20),數十人集結於台塑股東會,抗議於二〇一六年四月開始的魚群死亡潮。在台塑河靜鋼鐵公司的鋼鐵工廠完工時,魚群便開始大量死亡。魚群的死亡數量相當可觀,數百萬隻魚的屍體在越南兩百公里沿海被沖上岸。而魚群死亡也讓大量漁村陷入憂愁,甚至傳出食物中毒的報導。... Read More


2018年六月二十一號,市議員耶史比與商業領導者、社運人士與環保組織,推出了936法案,而讓紐約市正式加入了禁止使用一次性塑膠吸管的運動。由於這個動作,紐約市加入了其他想要禁止一次性塑膠吸管國家與城市。這是一個深思熟慮的立法,提供商家2年適應機會,第一次罰款美金一百元,第二次四百元,包含了執行機構,也有提供給予殘障者的例外。... Read More