Recent SCMP Op-Ed Reveals Extent To Which Newspaper Has Become Pro-China Propaganda Organ

A recent article written by Alex Lo, op-ed columnist at the South China Morning Post, has prompted ire in Taiwan because of its citing of claims by Taiwanese political pundit Chang Yu-Hua that at least four student leaders of the Sunflower Movement. Such sentiments are no surprise from Lo, a pro-Beijing pundit and political conservative, who publishes articles for the South China Morning Post daily as part of his “My Take” column. We might question the claims of his article, ultimately a sign of how the South China Morning Post is increasingly a Chinese propaganda organ... Read More


觀察中國網友近期嘲笑以移民制度、少數民族、同志或環保的議題來批評川普的西方批評者為天真的"白左",這真是一種奇怪的自相矛盾。在中國民族主義者眼中,美國顯然是中國在國際上興起的最大障礙。 但是,所有的民族主義者皆有相同的想法,並認為他們與川普志趣相投。 ... Read More

Taiwanese Government Eyes Driverless Vehicles As Part Of Its Transportation Plan

The concept of driverless vehicles is an idea that has been floated around for decades, first in science fiction, though in Taipei, automated vehicles may soon become a reality. Despite the controversy surrounding the recent Forward Thinking Infrastructure Plan, automated vehicles have received quite a bit of attention, with plans being laid to have them on the road as early as this year... Read More

What Does Terry Gou Aim To Accomplish Through A Deal With Trump?

With the recent announcement by FoxConn CEO Terry Gou that FoxConn would be building a $10 billion USD LCD panel plant in Wisconsin in a high-profile press conference with Donald Trump, some in Taiwan question what Gou exactly aims to accomplish with this deal cementing ties between his company and the Trump administration. Given Gou’s close ties with both the KMT and CCP, is Gou acting on behalf of China? Of the KMT? Both? Neither? One wonders... Read More

KMT’s Green Terror Accusations Show Fundamental Disrespect For Taiwanese Democracy

Recent actions by members of the pan-Blue camp once again go to show how the pan-Blue camp has largely failed to reckon with its authoritarian past in demonstrating its fundamental disrespect for the institutions Taiwanese democracy. We can point to widely discussed recent events as an example of this, as seen in accusations of Facebook censorship by the DPP as part of a "Green Terror" and an incident in which a China Times intern took to throwing water balloons at pan-Green legislators... Read More

Controversy Over Religious Practices Exposes Potential Future Faultlines

Controversy on the subject of the government’s supposed restrictions on religious practices and their impact on the environment has sparked protests in Taiwan with the start of Ghost Month, leading over ten thousand Taoist and Buddhist devotees to march in Taipei in opposition to what they saw as unreasonable government interference in their religious expression... Read More