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September 10th, 2014

Artist Florentijn Hofman, most known for his Rubber Duck installation which was displayed in Keelung Harbor last year to much tourist attraction, has constructed a 25 meter rabbit as part of the Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival. Hofman stated that the rabbit was inspired by the legend of Chang’e, the Chinese goddess of the moon, and the Jade Rabbit which is said to live with her on the moon. The sculpture has seen several hundred thousand views per day alone, though the Art Festival is slated to run until the 14th.... Read More

September 5th, 2014

Last Sunday, while on their two-week tour of the United States, prominent Sunflower Movement student leaders Lin Fei-fan and Chen Wei-ting expressed their support for the democracy movement in Hong Kong’s Occupy Central. Even the Ma administration has, to date, expressed at least “regret,” for China’s refusal to permit democratic elections in Hong Kong, although that it only expressed “regret” has also come under fire. By contrast, the Chinese government in Beijing has stated that Taiwan and, for that matter, the United States, should keep out of Hong Kong’s affairs.... Read More
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September 3rd, 2014

Occupy Central’s Benny Tai declares that Occupy Central has “failed” in regards to that Beijing did not back down in the face of popular protest. Tai stated that in the face of “political reality” and the “pragmatism” of Hong Kong people, whereas he was previously confident that Occupy Central could bring out a mobilization of 10,000, he now says that is a “maybe.” Namely, occupying Hong Kong’s Central business district runs the risk too high of permanently damaging Hong Kong’s economy.... Read More

September 2nd, 2014

台塑六輕取水問題再度引發爭議,2013年環評大會要求六輕提出尾水再利用、雨水回收、海水淡化等3個方案,紓解其對雲林地區的大量用水,但今年六輕僅提出計畫在新虎尾溪附近設「湳子工作站」的方案,且遭雲林台西居民抗議抽取農業用水。因此今年環評大會組決議,六輕需在明年8月底前完成替代水源的運轉,否則將違反《環評法》。... Read More

September 1st, 2014

有一句成語叫做「食言而肥」,也許這就是中國如此壯碩的原因。不同於回歸前的甜言蜜語,中國人大常委會31日在北京通過了香港政改框架決議草案,雖然普選的名字被保留下來了,但中國式的"普選"規定香港特首候選人要得到提名委員會半數以上委員的支持,且人數限制在2-3人,實際上,強硬且直接的否決了香港人民期盼30年的特首普選。... Read More