Interview: Love Boat: Taiwan (愛之船:台灣)

New Bloom editor Brian Hioe interviewed Valerie Soe, the director of Love Boat: Taiwan. Love Boat: Taiwan is a recently released documentary about the Overseas Compatriot Youth Formosa Study Tour, better known as the "Love Boat", a program which provides a monthlong tour of Taiwan for individuals of Taiwanese or Chinese descent born outside of Taiwan or China from 1967 onward. The "Love Boat" program remains widely known among diasporic Taiwanese even today... Read More

Interview: Stuart and Lance Chen-Hayes

New Bloom editor Brian Hioe interviewed Stuart and Lance Chen-Hayes, who recently published Double Dads One Teen: A Queer Family’s Trailblazing Life in the USA and Taiwan, by e-mail, following a meeting in Taipei. Lance is Taiwan's first out gay dad and their nonbinary teen, Kalani, recently became the first Taiwanese citizen with two father's names on both an international birth certificate and an international marriage license... Read More