The Unstoppable Joy Party: An Interview with Froggy Chiu

New Bloom interviewed Chiu Wei-jie, popularly known as Froggy Chiu, city councilor for Taipei District 3, on December 6th. Chiu is a YouTuber that was elected into office last year, running an unorthodox campaign dependent entirely on online advertising, and with no traditional means of advertising. New Bloom spoke to him about his recently formed political party of YouTubers, the Unstoppable Joy Party... Read More


當代對於民主、民粹等的討論十分熱烈,尤其是每次選舉前後,總是不難見到不同陣營的候選人及選民相互叫罵。在韓國瑜當選高雄市市長之後,更是有不少人認為民主已死。然而,真的是這樣嗎?我們「民主」了嗎?民主歡迎異己嗎?什麼是人民?針對這些問題,《破土》編輯陳黃金菊於去年11月30日訪問了任教於中山大學哲學研究所的洪世謙老師,以下為訪談內容。... Read More