Film and Interview: Bait / 誘餌

因緣際會下認識了現在人在香港浸會大學讀電影的導演張永攀,之前,他跟拍過一些紀錄片,後來在茉莉花事件時被抓進看守所關了一個多月,在這段監獄時光中,他想了許多事情,並決定以電影讓世界了解中國的現在與未來,而正在香港求學的他,下一部片子的主題將會是非常值得關注的「佔領中環」。... Read More

Eye of the Storm

Dr. Lucetta Kam is an assistant professor at Hong Kong Baptist University and an organizer of Hong Kong Scholars Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity. The present interview was conducted on September 29th via e-mail by New Bloom editors Brian Hioe and Wen Liu, as a result of which the situation has changed since. Nevertheless, it provides a look into the inner dynamics of the movement which remains salient in the present... Read More

Interview: Hung Chun-Hsiu (洪淳修)

Hung Chun-Hsiu (洪淳修) is a documentary filmmaker and, most recently, the director of The Lost Sea (刪海經). His other films include Fishermen in the City (河口人),《城市農民曆》and《船長要抓狂》. On August 21st, he was interviewed by New Bloom's Brian Hioe. The following is the English language translation of the interview.... Read More