Regional Tensions

Deportation Of Former City Councillor To Philippines On Drug Charges Demonstrates Hypocrisy On Refugee Policy

Taiwan continues to prove an unfriendly place to refugees, with the deportation of Ricardo "Ardot" Parojinog back to the Philippines late last month. Parojinog was suspected of drug trafficking in the Philippines and it is possible that he may be killed after he returns, given current Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte's campaign of state-sanctioned violence and extrajudicial executions against drug dealers and users... Read More

Politicization Of Comfort Women Issue Prevents Justice For Being Realized For Survivors

Unfortunately, it continues to be unlikely that Taiwanese comfort women who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese empire will see justice in their lifetimes given the politicization of the issue by both pan-Blue and pan-Green political actors, and the reluctance of the current Japanese government to make any genuine apology for its actions during World War II... Read More


台灣與澳洲簽署的秘密協定中,對待那些澳洲滕博爾(Turnbull)政府拒絕入境的諾魯難民的方式,證明了台澳兩國共謀侵犯人權,可恥至極。然而,蔡政府卻試圖將此事件美化為台灣對國際人權的貢獻,以及和國際間關係密切往來的里程碑。《雪梨先驅晨報》揭露了這則新聞之後,台灣和澳洲政府先後證實了報導的確屬實。... Read More