Regional Tensions


台灣與澳洲簽署的秘密協定中,對待那些澳洲滕博爾(Turnbull)政府拒絕入境的諾魯難民的方式,證明了台澳兩國共謀侵犯人權,可恥至極。然而,蔡政府卻試圖將此事件美化為台灣對國際人權的貢獻,以及和國際間關係密切往來的里程碑。《雪梨先驅晨報》揭露了這則新聞之後,台灣和澳洲政府先後證實了報導的確屬實。... Read More

Can The Trump-Kim Meeting Still Take Place?

Much uncertainty prevails about what will be next for the two Koreas seeing as, last week, American president Donald Trump called off a planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un originally slated to take place in Singapore on June 12th. Yet Trump now suggests the meeting could still take place. This raises broader questions for the region at large... Read More

North Korea Threatens To Call Off Talks With US Over John Bolton

News that North Korea has cancelled planned talks with South Korea should be nothing surprising for those skeptical that peace had been achieved on the Korean Peninsula following a meeting between South Korean president Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea now also threatens to call off talks with the US, specifically raising issue with comments by American National Security Advisor John Bolton... Read More