Cross Strait

Few Reactions To Wang Ping-Chung Arrest Indicate That Taiwanese Society Accepts Veracity Of Spying Charges

With Wang Ping-Chung, his father Wang Ching-Pu, and fellow New Party officials Ho Han-ting and Lin Ming-cheng indicted on charges of espionage for spying on China earlier this month, this has prompted few reactions from Taiwanese society. This likely indicates that Taiwanese society has largely come to accept the veracity of charges against them... Read More

Reports Of Taiwan Affairs Office Merger Denied By China, But Raise Questions About Taiwan Policy

Reports of a planned merger of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office with its Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Offices to form the “Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council” were later denied by China. But, either way, this does gesture towards recent acts by China which make it appear as though China seeks to streamline and make uniform its policies towards Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau... Read More

New Round Of Speculation That The Vatican Will Break Ties With Taiwan Ensues

With recent talks between the Vatican and China regarding the appointment of bishops in China, a new round of speculation that the Vatican will break relations with Taiwan in favor of normalizing relations with China has ensued. The Vatican currently recognizes Taiwan due to restrictions in China on the Catholic Church... Read More