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華山殺人事件至今,社會上保守勢力的反應仍在繼續發酵,媒體及社會試圖將責任推到整個草原居民身上。正如過往歷史,許多憤怒來自於 PTT。在這次事件中,PTT 顯然不是進步的社會力量,反而成了極度保守的社會道德的打手。另一方面,台灣藝術界的成員大多仍呈一盤散沙,互相怪罪、推卸責任。許多人的反應也顯示出台灣藝術界已內化台灣社會的保守態度,當然了,藝術界本身即為台灣的一部分。... Read More

Of Course The Gay Has To Die: Why The Liberal White Audience Doesn’t Get The Wound

The much-anticipated South African film of the year, The Wound, was officially released on the 27th of April, 2018, in the UK. The film was much anticipated because it is indeed one of the very few films that deal with aspects of homoeroticism and homosexuality in traditional African communities. But what to make of the film and reactions to it among white, liberal audiences?... Read More

Review: Motherland

"Motherland" directed by Ramona S. Diaz, would be an examination of the lives of pregnant women at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, the so-called “baby factory” of the Philippines. In this sense, the film is a look at the overpopulation crisis of the Philippines at the very human level of the conditions faced by the pregnant women living in conditions of poverty who give birth at the Fabella Memorial Hospital... Read More

Review: Path Of Destiny (不得不上路)

Yang Chun-Kai's “Path of Destiny” would be a deft evocation of the challenges facing preservation of indigenous tradition in Taiwan. Namely, even in those rare cases in which young people actively aim to participate in traditions which may soon be lost, the trend may be irreversible. And given inescapable social tensions between modernity and tradition, adherence to tradition demands great personal sacrifice.... Read More

Continued Debates Over The Role Of Classical Chinese In Taiwan

The defeat of a recent push by language and literature scholars to reform the teaching of Chinese in Taiwan has had surprising implications. Namely, despite the defeat of a push by the Association for Taiwan Literature to reduce the amount of classical Chinese currently taught in Taiwanese, this drew comment from high-ranking Chinese government officials including An Fengshan of the Taiwan Affairs Office. It seems, then, that the debate over the teaching of classical Chinese in Taiwan has become significant enough to draw attention from China... Read More

Recent Debates About Teaching Of Classical Chinese In Taiwan

A recent statement by the Association for Taiwan Literature calling on the Ministry of Education to change the education curriculum in Taiwan to focus less on traditional Chinese classics and instead to draw on materials more suitable to contemporary Taiwan is the end result of a series of debates in past months about differences between Taiwanese and Chinese literature, as well as language learning in Taiwan... Read More