Susan Chang

Re/writing COVID-19 in China: Solidarity as Metonym for Historical Truth?

On August 1, 2020, the National Museum of China launched “Unity is Strength: An Art Exhibition on the Fight Against COVID-19”, displaying 200 works created during the COVID-19 pandemic featuring themes such as rescue scenes and epidemic prevention. This exhibition places Xi at the center of authoritarian power, as well as China’s pairing of prosperity and social control, with regards to the fight against COVID-19...

The National Museum of Taiwan History’s Use of Facebook During COVID-19 Pandemic

The National Museum of Taiwan History was among one of the national museums to experience a significant decrease in visitor numbers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. How can a museum that relies on in-person visitation, history exhibitions, and hands-on education programs stay connected with visitors during a global crisis? In particular, the museum responded by utilizing its Facebook page to stay connected with its visitors and moving some exhibitions and collections online...
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Susan Chang

Susan Shih Chang is currently with the Cultural Studies in Asia Program, FASS, National University of Singapore. Specialised in cultural sociology, museum studies and policy studies, her academic projects revolve around the imagination of national identity in relation to histories of migration in Singapore and Taiwan.