Brian Hioe

China’s Response to COVID-19 Seen in a Rosy Light as Epidemic Worsens in Western Countries

In observing international coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, one has COVID-19 cases spread widely outside of China, the international media narrative has shifted. What was once hailed as a failed response to the disease outbreak is now sometimes hailed as a successful intervention into preventing the spread of the virus... Read More

RCA Ruling Pays Compensation to Only 24 of 246 Plaintiffs

The long-running RCA case, one of Taiwan’s major class-action lawsuits against chemical pollution and its effects on the health of Taiwanese factory workers, continues to be unresolved. This can be observed in a ruling by the High Court last week, in which RCA was ordered to pay 54.7 million NTD to only 24 of 246 plaintiffs. The ruling is likely to be appealed... Read More

Memorial Ceremonies Disrupted by Hong Kong Police Over Weekend

A number of incidents of police violence against demonstrators took place in Hong Kong over the weekend. This was inclusive of a series of arrests by police which took place on early morning Saturday, as well as police violence on Sunday against both attendees of memorials for deceased demonstrators and participants in a demonstration against a planned COVID-19 quarantine clinic. Attacks on pro-democracy city councilors also took place on Monday from pro-police and pro-Beijing groups... Read More

61st Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day Commemorated on Sunday

The annual commemoration of Tibetan Uprising Day took place on Sunday in Taipei, taking place two days ahead of the actual anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day today. As in past years, the demonstration began in front of the Sogo department store located by the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and proceeded through the city to Taipei 101... Read More

New Measures Rolled Out to Combat COVID-19, Tsai Administration Touts Successes Internationally

Efforts to fight the COVID-19 epidemic continue in Taiwan. The Central Epidemic Command Center did not report any new cases yesterday, as a result of which there are 45 confirmed cases in Taiwan currently, but new measures have been rolled out in order to respond to the epidemic. With Taiwan's apparent successes in containing the coronavirus epidemic and rapid increases in production capacity for needed medical supplies, the Tsai administration has notably begun leveraging on this for soft power, as a way to draw distinctions between Taiwan and China... Read More
Brian Hioe

Brian Hioe


Brian Hioe was one of the founding editors of New Bloom. He is a freelance writer on social movements and politics, and occasional translator. A New York native and Taiwanese-American, he has an MA in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University and graduated from New York University with majors in History, East Asian Studies, and English Literature. He was Democracy and Human Rights Service Fellow at the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy from 2017 to 2018.