NEW BLOOM presents the fifth installment of our podcast, Radio New Bloom! Radio New Bloom is a podcast covering topical events and interviewing Taiwanese social activists, artists, public intellectuals, and others in order to make Taiwanese voices better known in the international world.

Our fifth installment of Radio New Bloom was a special live session which took place as part of the community radio broadcasts at the Spectacular Atrophy small press expo at Red Room in Taipei on May 6th. For this installment, we spoke with Alexander Synaptic. Alexander Synaptic is a blogger, web developer, and photographer known for his documentarian approach to urban exploration in Taiwan. He is interested in reconstructing the lost histories of neglected and overlooked places before they disappear, particularly those sites with significant cultural value and no likelihood of conservation. We spoke with him about some of his many projects.

We’d like to thank Alexander for the interview and, as always, LTK Commune for allowing us to use their song “Good Night, Taiwan” as part of the podcast!