New Bloom’s October issue is up on our website! Each month, New Bloom features several topics of consideration and solicits articles accordingly.

October’s issue will continue our interview with “Third Force” political candidates as well as focus on the theme of “Turning to the South”.

With our cover image of a “horizontal” Taiwan, we hope to signify our aim of finding new ways to think about Taiwan in relation to the world than as usually thought of purely in terms of relation to China or the United States. Hence the theme of “Turning to the South” for this issue.

Topics considered will include:

  • Framing Taiwan in Context of the Global South
  • Geopolitical issues in the Global South
  • Animalization and Issues of Animal rights
  • Investments and Diplomacy in the Global South
  • The Politics of Food
  • ‘New Southward Policy’
  • Migration





  • 台灣在世界南方(Global South)脈絡下的情境
  • 世界南方的地緣政治議題
  • 動物權利
  • 世界南方的投資與外交
  • 食物的政治
  • 新南向政策
  • 人類遷移

If you would be interested in writing about or submitting an article concerning any of these topics, please take a look at our submission policy, and e-mail us at [email protected]

如果你對任何議題有興趣想要投稿,歡迎查閱我們的投稿辦法,並將文章寄到 [email protected]

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