New Bloom’s March issue is up on our website! Each month, New Bloom features several topics of consideration and solicits articles accordingly. March’s topics are:

  • The Sunflower Movement One Year On
  • The Struggle Towards Legalizing Gay Marriage
  • Environmentalism in Asia


  • 太陽花一週年特輯
  • 同志婚姻合法化運動
  • 亞洲環境議題

If you would be interested in writing about or submitting an article concerning any of these topics, please take a look at our submission policy, and e-mail us at [email protected]

如果你對任何議題有興趣想要投稿,歡迎查閱我們的投稿辦法,並將文章寄到 [email protected]


Photo Credit: Lorand Laskai
Calligraphy: 陳令洋

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