Scott A. Hutchins / 斯科特。哈欽斯

by Enbion Micah Aan/洪延平 

Seeds is a photography column that seeks to explore and promote just causes by highlighting individuals‘ efforts. These individuals are seeds of justice and resistance, and seeds for social movements and social changes.

籽是一個藉由凸顯個人努力來發掘與推廣正義事業的攝影專欄。這些人是正義與抗爭的種子, 也是社會運動與社會改變的種子。
Scott Manhattan Institute 2

Mr. Hutchins speaking to crowd at Manhattan Institute protest against Broken Window policy

“The shelter system is a business built on homeless people’s back. The shelter system charges the government 3500 – 4200 dollars a month, depending on [the homeless person’s] situation.  The lower number is for “general population”, like me, while the high number is for mentally ill and chemical abusers, which, contrary to popular belief, make up only about 38% of the total homeless population. The effort to get us employed is severely compromised by money-making strategies on their part. We have a fixed system, a revolving door that keeps the poor, poor, and the homeless, homeless.”

「收容所是門建立在遊民身上的生意。依照遊民的狀況,收容所一個月向政府收取 3,500-4,000 美金(約 108,500-124,000 台幣),像我這樣的『一般人』費用較低,而精神障礙者和有毒癮的人則費用較高。和一般認知的不同,精障者和有毒癮的人只佔 38%,但卻因為利潤策略,嚴重排擠了收容所幫助我們就業的資源。我們的系統是一扇固定的旋轉門,讓窮人一直當窮人,讓遊民一直當遊民。」

Biography / 傳記

MR. HUTCHINS is a NYC based activist. As an activist, he works as a researcher, spokesperson, and representative for Picture the Homeless, an organization that works around homeless people’s job, housing, and civil rights issues. Mr. Hutchins has done extensive research around civil rights and housing issues, spoken at protests and rallies, and met with government officials as a Picture the Homeless representative. He has also participated in anti-war protests, Black Lives Matter movement, and Occupy Wall Street. Besides being an activist, Hutchins is a playwright, a screenwriter, and an operatic singer. He has a MA in Cinema Studies, and has written three stage plays and five screenplays.

哈欽斯先生是紐約當地的社會運動者。他的工作是擔任「遊民想像」(Picture the Homeless) 的研究員、發言人與代表,遊民想像是一個為遊民公民權、就業與居住問題努力的組織。哈欽斯先生對遊民問題有廣泛的研究,曾在抗議與示威活動當過發言人,亦曾以遊民想像組織代表的身分會見政府官員。他也參與過反戰的示威,「重視黑人生命」(Black Lives Matter)運動與「佔領華爾街運動」(Occupy Wall Street Movement)。除了是社會運動者外,他也是劇作家、編劇家與古典歌劇歌唱家。他有電影研究碩士學位,也完成了三部舞台劇劇本與五部電影劇本。

Mr. Hutchins grew up in a conservative household in Indianapolis. Asked how he made the transition from being Conservative to being Progressive, he said “I came from middle class, so I thought working hard to get my education would work out, but then came the reality of the job market.”


He has been homeless since May 2012.

從 2012 年五月起,他一直是個遊民。

Since 2012, Mr. Hutchins has not been able to find steady work due to the scarcity of jobs. He has physical challenges (scoliosis, herniated discs, neurogenic bladder, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis) that prevent him from taking jobs that require standing or having restricted movement while sitting. He has kept a spreadsheet of jobs applied since April 2012, and the response rate (other than a form acknowledgement of receipt of application)  is 0.8%, 25 out of 2,920 jobs to which he has applied.

2012 年,因為工作稀缺, 哈欽斯先生一直無法找到穩定的工作。身體上的問題(脊柱側彎,椎間盤突出,神經源性膀胱,坐骨神經痛和足底筋膜炎),使他無法勝任需要站或動作受限的工作。從 2012 年四月開始,他用表格記錄了工作申請回應率(申請確認回覆不記入),只有 0.8%,2920 份申請書只有 25 個回應。

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