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There are many people who say they are interested in music, there are some people for whom music is a profession, but for me, music is a form of discipline.


Music was the first thing I seriously sat down and learned. I often joke with friends that with the energy I spent on music, I could have gone to Harvard. Because without being an expert in any musical instrument, I can make a complete song. I want to show people like me who don’t know how to play musical instruments but still want to make music what it’s possible to do.


Anything is possible–if you have a dream, just go do it! Only after trying do you knows what your problems are, what you need to work on. Otherwise it’s not called a “dream,” it’s just a “fantasy.”


My friends often think I’m strong for sticking to my dreams but for me, music is no longer a “dream”, it’s my one reality.


“Grey Area” is a song I suddenly thought up one day. While daydreaming, I suddenly had the awareness I was feeling authentic feelings in an inauthentic world. And that living in everyday reality, we have to do many inauthentic things. Between the two, I felt I was in a “grey area.”


編曲/製作 : 梁傑嵐 Jalen
導演 : 曾昱耗 Howz
音樂廠牌: HoodRidaz

Arranger/Producer: Jalen 梁傑嵐
Director: Howz 曾昱耗
Record Label: HoodRidaz

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