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視美髮業為志願的他,曾與一名叫做「穎」的男子相戀,在平衡生活與夢想的同時,二人共同建築了溫暖的家,同時間,穎也給予他不求回報的支持。他們是對方認定的Soul Mate,說好要在身上刺同一個刺青,然而在熱戀之時,穎卻踏入了毒品的世界…


“Can’t Quit You” is an autobiographical short film about Zico, a hair stylist based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It’s the story of his first love, a relationship with a man called Yin that blossomed when Zico began his career as a hairstyling assistant in Hsinchu.

The couple dreamed of a life together, symbolized by an identical tattoo that would become the emblem of their bond. But just when everything starts to seem perfect, Yin steps into the world of drug addiction, turning their relationship upside down…

Producer: Claudia Hsu
Director of Photography: Amos Wang
Production Sound Mixer: Wang Tsan-Hsien
Director: Kat
Cast: Zico, Li Chen Wen

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