The Authoritarian We Could Not Pull Down: A Strange Tale of Pro-Independence Youth

In January 2017, the Free Taiwan Party posted a Facebook status: “Pro-Independence takes a stand! Come pull down the Chiang Kai Shek statue on February 28th at the Freedom Plaza!” As a young supporter of Free Taiwan Party and a supporter of the action of pulling down authoritarian statues, I documented and witnessed the actions on site during this time... Read More

Conference Held Between Post-Umbrella And Sunflower Movement Legislators In Taiwan

A visit by Hong Kong legislators to Taiwan over the past weekend for a conference organized by the New Power Party has seen protests from pro-China groups in Taiwan, as well as warnings from China against Taiwanese independence activists and Hong Kong independence activists seeking to ally with each other... Read More

No End In Sight For China’s Political Purges In Hong Kong?

With the Hong Kong government deciding that its purge of Hong Kong lawmakers will not stop with localists Yau Wai-Ching and Baggio Leung of Youngspiration by filing a lawsuit that would disqualify a total of four pan-Democratic lawmakers, it is likely that this represents that Beijing has decided to clamp down on elections in Hong Kong for good... Read More

Thousands Demonstrate In Hong Kong Against Legal Intervention By Beijing

Hong Kong would seem to be in the streets again, with a demonstration Sunday against Beijing’s intervention into Hong Kong legislature which saw over 13,000 participate, according to organizers. Namely, Beijing has ruled to bar pro-independence legislators-elect Yau Wai-Ching and Sixtus “Baggio” Leung from taking office after a political crisis prompted by their refusal to properly take oaths to be sworn into office... Read More


說到台裔美國人政治的現況,人們常常可以看到台裔美國人與第一代台灣移民之間的政治認知有著落差。如今,這落差已經在美國的涉台政治之中形成了重大分野,這從最近兩年政治危機在海外引發的回應相當清楚可見。由此看來,台裔美國人與台灣人在理解台灣政治上的差異,或許值得我們反思。換言之,人們經常發現,由於美國與台灣雙邊關係的歷史因素,在美國發生的事件足以對台灣產生不對稱的強大影響。因此,美國的親台灣政治也就相當重要。然而,現況卻是台裔美國人與台灣人對於台灣政治的認知未必相同,從而對美國的涉台政治產生了實際影響。... Read More