Red-Baiting Accusations Against “Striking” EVA Flight Attendants Provoke Anger

Anger has ensued from members of Taiwanese youth activists regarding public reactions to 500 EVA flight attendants taking the day off on Sunday in anticipation of a typhoon, something which led to the cancellation of 50 flights. This has been labelled a “strike” by many media outlets, although EVA flight attendants were not actually striking, per se, but using leaves of absences... Read More


苦勞網最近刊登的一篇香港教育大學語言學及現代語言系講師鄧健苓的文章,讓苦勞網再也不能被視為報導台灣社會運動的左翼刊物,而是徹頭徹尾的中國民族主義左統刊物。苦勞網也因這篇醜態百出的親中文章而飽受抨擊。那麼,我們就來分析一下鄧健苓的文章,看看左統對香港、台灣和中國產生了多麼嚴重的幻想症狀,貫串這篇文章的邏輯,根本上是披著左翼外衣的中國民族主義。鄧文關注的是不久前香港主權移交二十周年。在鄧健苓看來,這在一切意義上都應當被歌頌,香港從西方帝國主義──她眼中一個如漫畫中邪惡魔頭般的存在──回歸「社會主義祖國」的懷抱,但這個高度理想化的玫瑰色中國,卻只存在於她和其他左統人士的想像之中。... Read More

Reactions To Labor Reforms Revealing Of Fundamental Issues With Taiwan’s Workplace Culture?

The twisted nature of Tawan's workplace culture is evident in that business groups’ solution to what is quite evidently a problem of understaffing after recent labor reforms is not to hire more workers, but in many cases to try and force workers to work overtime. The Tsai administration has not proved much better... Read More