China’s Use Of America’s “War On Terror” To Justify The Suppression Of Its Muslim Population

Recent declarations by the Islamic State that it will target China in retaliation for its oppression of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang will probably only be met by further Chinese restrictions on the region. But China's responses are illustrative of to what extent China uses the discursive terms of America's War on Terror to justify its suppression of the Muslim majority Uyghur population in Xinjiang and other parts of China... Read More

No End In Sight For The Tsai Administration’s War On Drugs?

The war on drugs under the Tsai administration seems set to continue, with recent public scandals regarding drug use on army bases, the scandal caused by a drug-related death after a party at the five-star W Hotel in Taipei, and major drug crackdowns. Very likely, the Tsai administration is determined to make harsh drug policy enforcement one of its political achievements... Read More

Efforts By Tsai Ing-Wen To Wash Her Hands Of The Issue Of Gay Marriage?

Whatever the claims of the Tsai administration that it continues to concern itself with the issue of gay marriage, the Tsai administration has evidently changed tack, now attempting to play the role of “peacemaker” between pro-marriage equality and anti-marriage equality groups in Taiwan. This evidences hypocrisy on the part of Tsai, as well as demonstrates her attempt to wash her hands of past support for marriage equality... Read More