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What Do The WikiLeaks Revelations About Hillary Clinton’s Taiwan Comments Reveal?

The WikiLeaks e-mails in which Hillary Clinton expresses interest in the idea of abandoning Taiwan in exchange for economic concessions from China expresses a worldview she, in fact, shares with Donald Trump and other American politicians. Such politicians have only ever viewed Taiwan as a bargaining chip from the beginning

Tsai’s Stopover In Houston And The Possibility Of A Tsai-Trump Meeting

Tsai Ing-Wen's stopover transit in Houston on her way to visit Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador and her subsequent meeting with Texas senator and former presidential hopeful Ted Cruz may have drawn hysterics from alarmists, but it is really no more than business as usual. But this non-departure from standard procedure in and of itself is worthy of reflection, and we might take look at how this fits into the current context of Taiwan’s international situation


本文運用台灣國家安全調查報告(美國杜克大學政治系牛銘實教授主持)和政治大學選舉研究中心的長期調查資料,來描述台灣人是怎麼看待兩岸關係的現狀。本文的英文原版投稿至華盛頓郵報的Monkey Cage專欄,標題為:The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese。原本的目的是想要表達台灣人眼中的現狀是什麼,以及論述:其實現狀絕非靜止不動的,尤其,跟四十年前一中政策剛形成的時候相比,世界早已不同了!